Official Contest Rules and Legal Statements of IPIEC GLOBAL 2019

The Organizing Committee of IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 (“the Organizing Committee”) hereby makes the following statements as the stipulated contest rules guidance:

1. By submitting application material(s) and/or entry information to the Organizing Committee, contestants (individuals or teams) shall be deemed to have fully understood, agreed and accepted all terms of the official rules and relevant legal statements of the Contest.

2. Contestants are obliged to ensure that all information submitted to the Organizing Committee is authentic, original and legitimate. In the case where any material submitted by a contestant is found delusive, deceptive or false during the course of or after the Contest, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify the contestant from participating the Contest and void any place attained at any time. The contestant thereof will be divested all the rights associated with the award received. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to request the contestant to return any cash prize that has been paid to him/her.

3. Such information submitted by the contestants as names, photos, company names, logos, trademarks and project introduction will be displayed on newspapers, magazines, television, broadcasting, Internet etc. during the process of or after the Contest.

4. The Organizing Committee and authorized institutions are entitled to the complimentary uses of the information provided by the Contestants for project propaganda and promotion purposes. Such information, including but not limited to contestant names, corporate names, logos, trademarks, photos and project introduction, can be used in its original or modified form.

5. Information submitted by the contestants without legible sign of “Confidential” shall be deemed publicly available. Contestant(s) shall bear any consequences in relation to less effective marketing promotion and result due to the non-disclosure of information.

6. Contestants shall ensure that all project information submitted to the Organizing Committee (including but not limited to project proposals, manuals and PPTs) are independently completed by the contestant or the contesting team, which shall not infringe any third party’s right (such as patent rights, copyright and trademark rights) or other rights protected by laws (such as trade secrets and know-how). In the case where the contestant registers the Contest by using or modifying information from a third party without consent, or is involved in any dispute due to personal reasons, full responsibility shall be borne by the contestant.

7. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to supervise and evaluate whether contestants’ performances are in compliance with the Contest Rules throughout the Contest. Contestants will be disqualified from participating the Contest once found cheating or behaving against the Contest Rules.

8. Contestants can get access to project showcase opportunities with investors and institutions, with whom discuss intended cooperation models. The Organizing Committee hereby declares that the contestant is deemed to agree for technological cooperation and/or business promotion in China by submitting his/her application and shall be obliged to take part in relevant matchmaking activities and negotiations organized by the Organizing Committee and authorized institutions. The Organizing Committee provides opportunities for project matching but assumes no commitments or guarantees as to the negotiation process and results.

9. Contestants selected to advance into the Semi-final and Final must come to China for these events. Absence of the contestant is construed to give up his/her participation.

10. Winner of the competition shall cooperate with the Organizer to provide or supplement relevant materials required by transfer bank for the payment of bonus. If the payment fails due to lack of information, the winner shall bear the consequences of the failure of payment of bonus.

11. The Organizing Committee does not assume any responsibility for the Contestant due to force majeure or any uncontrollable factors, but endeavors will be made to reduce the losses and effects caused to the contestants.

12. The Organizing Committee holds the final interpretation for any matter in relation to the Contest and reserves the right to make any supplementary amendment to this Legal Statements. If the contestant has any objection to any supplementary amendment, he/she shall immediately inform the Organizing Committee in writing, but the Organizing Committee is not obliged to compensate for any expenses incurred along the Contest.

13. By signing this legal statement, the contestants will be deemed to authorize Boao Zongheng Network Technology (WTOIP) to promote the participating projects in the process of or after the Contest. As for the projects that enter the Semifinal and Final, any matchmaking follow-ups and proceedings should be reported to the Organizing Committee for record.


Organizing Committee of IPIEC GLOBAL 2019