Letter of Undertaking for Contestants of IPIEC GLOBAL 2019


I/We the undersigned, hereby undertake and confirm the following as a contestant (team/individual) of IPIEC Global 2019 (“the Contest”):                   

1. I/We voluntarily participate the Contest as a contestant (team/individual). I/we have read through the Official Contest Rules and Legal Statements of IPIEC GLOBAL 2019. I/We agree and will comply with the terms stipulated in the Official Contest Rules and Legal Statements. I/We will read through and comply with amendments to Contest Rules, Legal Statements and Contest Policies. My/Our continued participation of IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 shall be deemed acceptance to the amendment(s). The Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify my/our participation for any behavior or conduct against the Contest Rules found.                 

2. I/We hereby undertake that all information I/we submitted to the Organizing Committee is authentic, original, complete and legitimate. I/We agree for the Organizing Committee to take necessary and lawful actions to verify the authenticity, originality, completeness and legitimacy of the materials submitted. In the case where any material submitted by me/us are found delusive, deceptive or false, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to immediately disqualify me/us from participating the Contest and void my/our place(s) attained. All rights associated with the award(s) received shall be revoked and I/We shall return all cash prize that has been paid to me/us.               

3. I/We hereby entrust irrevocably the Organizing Committee and authorized institutions to promote and showcase my/our participating project with complimentary uses of the information I/we submitted. Such information, including but not limited to contestant names, corporate names, logos, trademarks, photos and project introduction, can be used in its original or modified form.

4. I/We hereby undertake that all project information I/we submitted (including but not limited to project proposals, manuals and PPTs) is independently completed by me/us and does not infringe the intellectual property rights (such as patent rights, copyright and trademark rights) of any third party or other rights protected by laws (such as trade secrets and know-how). In the case where I/we register the Contest by using or modifying information from a third party without consent, or I/we get involved in any dispute due to personal reasons, full responsibility shall be borne by me/us.                   

5. I am/We are aware that all the project materials submitted to the Organizing Committee by me/us are non-returnable. I/We have retained original copies of my/our materials.

6. I/We understand and agree that the project information (including but not limited to project proposals, manuals and PPTs) submitted for participating the Contest will be made available to the Organizing Committee (including judges and consultants). Information provided by me/us can thereof be used for the purpose of project evaluation and selection without the need of prior consent from me/us.

7. I/We hereby confirm and assure that there exists no problem or potential risk in terms of legal qualifications, physical condition and/or mental health that may hinder me/us from participating the Contest. If any aforementioned situation occurs, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify me/us from the Contest at any point of time, and I/we shall be held responsible for all relevant consequences.

8. I/We understand that there may be opportunities for me/us to present project proposals to the investors and institutions throughout the Contest and I/we will take active part in business negotiations with intended investment institutions for cooperation. I/we hereby undertake that the financial plans and requirements provided to investment institutions by me/us are authentic and objective. I/We understand that the Organizing Committee assumes no commitments or guarantees as to the negotiation process and results.

9. I/We hereby undertake to participate honestly and fairly in the Contest without engaging in any unlawful activity for any illegal purposes.

10. I am/We are aware that by signing this letter of undertaking, I am/we are deemed to authorize the Contest Organizer (WTOIP) to promote the participating project throughout and after IPIEC GLOBAL 2019. As for any launching process (exclusive of any trade secret involved) on my/our project in China, I am/we are obliged to report essential status and results to the Organizing Committee.

11. I am/We undertake that if my/our team finally won the price, I/we will provide or supplement the information required by the Organizer for bonus payment. If I/we fail(s) to provide or supplement the information due to my/our own reasons, I/we will bear the consequence that the bonus is unpaid.