Intellectual Property Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest

Higher Specification
The competition was included in the "Maker in China" competition system and the organization was fully upgraded and guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

Expanded Geographic Scope
The competition chooses Guangzhou as the starting point and radiates to all industrial parks and Sino-foreign cooperation zones across the country. Excellent projects will tour the country. At the same time, the competition further progressed from China to the world, with the number of matches increased from 7 to 10, covering the United States, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Israel, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other places. The global influence is stronger, and the company needs wider docking coverage!

Brand New Model
Introducing knowledge and technology, linking the world. The leading enterprises’ huge investment in technology rewards has expanded to the whole country, and the industrial parks and Sino-foreign cooperation zones have been combined to provide a favorable policy for attracting talents and attracting talents. A variety of innovative ways to explore new modes of technology connection, to promote the full implementation of overseas projects in China!

Enhanced Services
The renewed “China Entrepreneurial Service Pack” covers from IP planning to financing and pitching, and links up the matching with top tier enterprises, upstream and downstream industries and local government incentives, to provide one-stop services for overseas projects to launch in the China market, through which you are enabled to grasp the golden opportunity and take advantage of the futuristic industries.

Reinforced Synergy

Massive endeavor will be made to forge the “China Industrial Upgrade Promotion Alliance of SME”. The alliance aims to deliver:
  • Fully soliciting the needs of enterprises in the park, establishing the Technology Demand Database 
  • Systematization of demand collection, collecting top talent projects globally, establishing the Global Resource Database 
  • Standardization of technology docking, new connections to open and share resources, establishing the Professional Demand-Resource Matchmaking Platform

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