IPIEC Global 2019

2019.10.28 | Haifa

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IPIEC - Intellectual Property Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest

This year marks the 3rd IPIEC GLOBAL since 2017. Originated from China, IPIEC GLOBAL is a contest organized by WTOIP, aiming at scouting distinguished global innovators and projects, and connecting with entrepreneurial resources and partners in China.
Meanwhile it serves as an ongoing platform that navigates foreign enterprises through issues related to business launch in China.

What can you get from IPIEC GLOBAL 2019?

IPIEC GLOBAL has been working with government agencies and major innovation organizations in local countries and regions to co-organize overseas chapters, by actively engaging startups, enterprises, inventors, innovation unions, industry associations, universities & colleges, research institutes and incubators to present their latest innovations.

While entering into China, global tech projects may face uncertainties, risks and challenges due to lack of local knowledge. With WTOIP, overseas projects can be backed by profession and protection in China. WTOIP’s launch-in-China pack and entrepreneurial support can help IPIEC GLOBAL participants with:

  • Business Matching: Initial consultation, matching analysis, negotiation assistance, provision of legal documents and feedback
  • Project Liaison: Shortlisting potential business partners, project pitching on your behalf, providing regular pitching feedback
  • Project Promotion: Comprehensive promotion channels and measures incl. online media, offline events, publication etc.

About The Organizer - WTOIP
Based in China, WTOIP is a leading Technovation Platform for IP and Corporate Services, through engaging and integrating resources and services online and offline, at home and abroad. Driven by our primary motivation to impel the transnational technological and industrial advancement, we are dedicated to matching global resources to substantive demands, and helping them reach collaboration.

With WTOIP’s platform and resource showcase facilities, users can get access to global technologies and innovation, potential partners from various industries for cooperation, and professional intellectual property services , and matchmaking services to be rendered by local elites with expertise.

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Israeli winners will travel to China to participate in the semi-finals:

1. Round tickets and hotel accommodation provided by the Final Organizer. 2. Explore and understand the Chinese market directly. 3. Establish Chinese Business Network. 4. Guided by prestigious investors and experts form different sectors. 5. Diversification of online and offline promotion. 6. Strengthen visibility and exposure.


2019.07.01 - 2019.10.03
Project registration and screening

Israeli Preliminary Contest - Haifa, Israel

Multi-City, China, Project Showcase Roundtrip and Semi-Final

China, Final

Israel Session


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USD $100,000


USD $50,000

2nd Prize

USD $20,000

3rd Prize

Viewers’ Choice Award

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Participation Conditions

· Participant and the project shall come from Israel. The project shall be in compliance with applicable laws in China and Israel without any track record of misconduct.

· Individuals, teams and enterprises with intellectual property and original innovation without infringing any third party intellectual properties.

· Project is intended to land or transfer its technology to China.

· Read and agree the「Official Contest Rules and Legal Statements of IPIEC GLOBAL 2019」and the「Letter of Undertaking for Contestants of IPIEC GLOBAL 2019」.